" I have been trading with Massmedia for several years.  Massmedia has not only worked directly for me but also undertaken projects for many of my clients who have always found the company and staff to be totally professional and extremely experienced in many areas. "
John Robson, Director, Preston Robson Ltd



Our Projects


Intertek METOC - Website

Intertek Metoc websiteThis site has been maintained by Massmedia since 2004 and is a databese driven cms based site with an easy to use control panel.  There are several videos which can be viewed here, plus an interactive animation about the client testimonials and another about the company's experience globally.

OGP-JIP Intertek METOC - Document Management System

Intertek Metoc websiteThis project is a very large DMS for the E&P Sound & Marine Life Joint Industry Project.
It allows for the viewing of uploaded documents via any internet browser, and downloading the pdf documents in batches by individual users.  The special features of this application are the heirarchcal nature of the access.  Every user has a login and password that defines which documents they are allowed to have access to - some documents are restricted to top-level management, and others restricted to groups of co-workers.

PTSD Resolution - Charity website

PTSD Resolution CharityThis site designed and maintained by Massmedia, allows for donations to be made directly and has several interactive features, including an integral Google map linked to a dbase of therapists which can be searched by region.  See here for example

PTSD Resolution - video interview

This interview was filmed to introduce a conference for a charity.  Filmed on location at the Houses of Parliament, in the open air, and with a very short time window to get the video before the subject had to leave.  Because time was so short, the interviewer asking questions was recorded after the subject had left.

Lord Ramsbotham interview video

View the video on YouTube

INMALO - website

Inmalo website This client has hydraulic and mechanical equipment for use in the demolition and recycling industries.  The website has videos of the equipment in use and an animated image gallery.


Southern Group - Website

Gemondo Jewellery photographed by Massmedia photo One of several websites for the Southern Group. Each website has links out to others in the group, and has many SEO related features.